Multi-kitchen FM4520 - model with innovative technology MASTERFRAY®-lifting heating element (TEN), transforming the familiar device into a convenient programmable plate!

Multi-kitchen replaces the stove and multicooker.

Fasten the heating element in the up position, and cook in any * suitable dishes, not just in the bowl! With convenience, fry pancakes, pancakes, chebureks, cutlets and steaks in a frying pan, cook a stew in a saucepan, brew fresh coffee in a Turkish or simply boil a teapot. The multicultural REDMOND can easily cope with these tasks. TAN multikuhni is absolutely flat: in whatever you cook, you will need a minimum of oil - it will be evenly distributed on the bottom of the dishes, and the dishes will be more dietetic.

The FM4520 includes 13 automatic cooking programs, a manual program MULTIPOVAR and such important options as maintaining the temperature of ready meals with the possibility of pre-shutdown, warming up cold dishes and delaying the start of the program for up to 24 hours.

Also among the possibilities of the multi-kitchen FM4520 is the MASTERSCHE light function, thanks to which you can change the temperature and cooking time without having to reset the initial settings, while the program is running.

* The diameter of the bottom of the frying pan and other used dishes should not exceed the diameter of the heating plate of the device. Make sure that the edges and knobs of the dishes do not touch the plastic parts of the multi-kitchen unit and the sealing ring of the cover.

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