About Us

REDMOND company focused on the care of the health of consumers as the most important subject on the path to success in life. REDMOND is committed to helping customers organize home comfortable life and proper nutrition, while maintaining dynamic rhythm of life. Distract people from fast food, to return interest in home food and its preparation - one of the main missions REDMOND.

multicooker24 - an online store, which offer a wide range of REDMOND multi cookers with the ability of worldwide shipping.

REDMOND multicookers benefits: 

• save time and the space in the kitchen; 

• replaced a range of kitchen appliances; 

• easy to maintain and use due to the expanded configuration; 

• retain all useful internals of the products; 

• they are safe due to a multi-level protection system; 

• can work in the country, in a campaign, and even in the car; 

• ideal for the preparation of baby food!